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Tips to Prevent Injury Throughout Beach Ball Season

Method isn't the only time to prevent injuries in volleyball. What athlete's do off the court, before as well as after practice or a video game, can aid stop aches as well as pains.

In the sporting activity of beach ball, it is necessary to do enhancing exercises on locations that are at a boosted risk of injury due to the nature of the sporting activity. Heidi Greenwood, former University of North Dakota beach ball athlete as well as secondary school coach, is familiar with sport-related injuries. Through her experience, she understands exactly how to stay clear of injury with simple methods that any professional athlete can do, no matter how much time restrictions she or he has.

Before jumping on the court, try these suggestions from Greenwood to heat up as well as avoid injury.


What is prehab?

Prehab is actively utilizing a series of movements as well as exercises to avoid injury. Prehab workouts do not call for a large amount of time but need a precise and focused strategy to be efficient. Greenwood uses prehab exercises to help avoid typical beach ball injuries: shoulder as well as ankle injuries.

Just how typically should you prehab?

Three times weekly in the off-season and also two times per week during the season.

The number of associates and sets should you do?

Prehab exercises should be dynamic, much like any strength-training program. Beginning little and develop from there.

Shoulder Prehab Workouts

Shoulder injury-prevention workouts are concentrated on strengthening the small muscles in the rotator cuff. The potter's wheel cuff is made up of 4 little, but vital muscle mass for security, power and also mobility (subscapularis, supraspinatus, infraspinatus and too teres small). Given that the muscles that comprise the rotator cuff are little, only small lots (band or dumbbell) is required to be efficient.


It's important to proactively (dynamically) warm-up all the muscles in the shoulder as well as ankle before competitors. Study has revealed that fixed stretching is an inadequate method to heating. One set of 10 to 12 reps of prehab exercises listed over using a rubber band is perfect.

Consume a Nutrient-Rich Diet

Nourishment plays a key role in injury avoidance. Tart cherry juice, beetroots, berries, dark leafy eco-friendlies, peppers, tomatoes, ginger as well as turmeric, and also fatty-fish as well as nuts that are high in omega-3 fatty acids are all superb choices.

Correct Assistance

In a research study done by the American Orthopedic Foot as well as Ankle Society, the writer assesses the impact of various ankle braces on the occurrence of ankle sprains in secondary school beach ball gamers. There were 999 individuals: 957 professional athletes putting on dental braces as well as 42 participants with no braces. The results reveal that ankle supports considerably safeguard ankles from strains amongst those who had not struggled with a previous injury. Concerning nine percent experienced minor injury. Volleyball gamers might want to take into consideration ankle assistance for techniques as well as video games to stop any foot or ankle joint injury.

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